"Simply eye-opening! That's how I would describe my session with Jennifer. It was simply eye-opening in just one session. Jennifer probed me with questions that led to a breakthrough of all the self-sabotaging behaviors and hidden agendas I was carrying around...behaviors I didn't know I had. I have always been an overachiever, but the more successful I became in my business, the more resistance I seemed to feel. Together we were able to pinpoint the areas that held me back. Jennifer is a very kind and thorough coach. Not only did I receive clarity, she went on to give me a step-by-step plan of action on how to rid myself of these self-sabotaging behaviors. She has also coached me other times and each time "I have always" accelerated in my business. Not only do I think of Jennifer as a valid investment in my business, I also think of her as a true friend. If you're thinking about working with her, just do it!" ~Aprille

"I had the privilege of being coached by Jennifer while I was doing my coach training and immediately felt at ease, knowing that this was someone who could direct a session with confidence and clarity. She helped me to reveal hidden blocks to my own success and gave a great explanation of why they would be there and what I could do to change them. EFT tapping was the solution we used but Jennifer is skilled in other healing modalities and brings her knowledge and experience to bear. This gives a feeling of confidence and trust when working with her and I hope we can work together again." ~Gloria

"I had the pleasure to work with Jennifer and I found her to be understanding, compassionate, and a skilled coach. I would not hesitate to recommend her to others, as I am confident she would be able help them in a meaningful way." ~Sheila



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